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Moving From QLD To NSW? 5 Things You Need To Know

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Moving house is always a huge task, but moving interstate can be even more difficult. Packing up your entire life and moving it across the country is an enormous undertaking, so if you are planning on making a move from Queensland to New South Wales, here are some tips on how to ensure a smooth transition to your new life.

1. Check your driving licence

When you move to New South Wales, you want to ensure that you will be able to continue driving as a permanent resident. You can drive in NSW on an interstate licence for 3 months, which gives you some leeway to get settled in your new home first, but after this, you’ll need to visit a service centre and apply to transfer your QLD licence to an NSW one instead. Note: you may have to undergo a medical as well as a knowledge and driving test.

2. Organise your documents

When making such a long-distance move, it pays to be prepared. It can help to get all of your documentation together early in one handy file or folder. This way, when you move, you can keep track of everything that you will need on arrival so that there is no extra unnecessary panic. This includes all utility bills and medical information, as well as personal ID documents like your passport, driving licence, marriage certificate etc.

3. Keep essential items with you

Especially applicable if you have kids, after a long journey, the last thing you want is to arrive at your new home and be completely empty-handed. It is a great idea to take a change of clothes with you and if you are travelling with a child, a toy or two to keep them entertained and help them to settle into the new environment with less upset.

4. Do your research

When moving to a whole new state, it can be intimidating. There will be new jobs, people and laws to get your head around. You will also need to get used to the area you’re living in and look into local schools, doctors’ surgeries and dentists, especially if you have children. Before you move, make sure you do your research about the state as well as the specific area you will be moving to in order to make the transition as simple and painless as possible for your whole family. If you know someone who lives there, reach out and see if they’d be willing to answer any questions you have.

5. Find a moving company you can trust

When it comes to interstate travel, you need an experienced team who can be trusted to carefully pack and transport your valued items a significant distance. At Bargara Removals, we offer a smooth process from start to finish so that you don’t have anything else to worry about during this already stressful time. So, to alleviate your moving worries, contact us today.