Affordable Packing Boxes Bundaberg


When you need packing boxes and materials for your move, speak to Bargara Removals.
We have high-quality, sturdy supplies that are sure to keep your belongings secure while in transit. Our range of materials includes:

  • Port-a-robes
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Lounge covers
  • Picture cartons
  • Mattress covers
  • Tea chest cartons
  • Book & wine cartons
  • Second-hand packing boxes—range of sizes available

If you’re looking for something not on our list, simply let us know and we’ll place a special order for you. Contact us for pricing information or to place an order.


You can’t afford to pack carelessly when you’re moving home, so utilise our tips to keep everything in order. By using these tips you’ll avoid precious items not arriving intact.

1. Wrap & place small items together
Small and precious items should always be thoroughly wrapped in packing paper and placed in a box together. These items can get misplaced or damaged in larger boxes.

2. Label thoroughly
Ensure you label every box multiple times and state what way up they should be placed. This will allow you to see exactly what is in the box no matter which way it is placed.

3. Avoid overloading boxes
Make sure you stick to a weight limit that can be easily lifted and that won’t make your boxes give out.

4. Close & tape all boxes properly
Never move boxes that don’t close or aren’t taped up. If items are sticking out, or your box isn’t securely taped, objects could fall out and be damaged in transit.

If you don’t have time to pack items yourself, make the most of our packing and unpacking service.