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Moving To The Gold Coast? 5 Things You Should Know

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Whether you’re coming from another part of Queensland or a different state entirely, it’s important for you to know what life is like on the Gold Coast. This is a region full of promise and splendour, but also a lot of culture, and it’s essential that you experience more than just the incredible beaches. With that in mind, these are the 5 main things you should know before moving to the Gold Coast.

1. The Beaches

Though this is just one part of what the Gold Coast has to offer, the beaches are definitely a critical part of life in this part of the country. The region boasts over 70 km of beaches, including Main Beach, Burleigh Heads, and Surfers Paradise – this is naturally a popular surfing location if you’re interested in riding the waves. When you’ve finished the move, soaking up some sun can help you relax, even during the winter.

2. Education

If you’re moving with your family, or want to have kids soon, it helps to know about educational opportunities in the region. Both public and private schools along the Gold Coast have grown quickly in recent years, with an impressive amount of Technical and Further Education institutions. Adding to this, both Griffith University and Bond University have suburban campuses, and there’s strong funding for primary and high schools throughout the region.

3. Diverse Community

The Gold Coast is home to a diverse community that accommodates many religions and belief systems – there are many churches, mosques, mandirs, and other religious buildings across the area that stand as proof of this. Even if you’re moving away from the members of your community, you’ll easily find new ones that share your values on the Gold Coast. Regardless of the religion or denomination you follow, you’ll find acceptance here.

4. Owning A Pet

The Gold Coast City Council provides many areas specifically for dog exercise – with drinking taps and facilities fit for your four-legged friends. This lets your dog adjust to their new environment and gives them a chance to stay social by seeing other pets. It’s important to remember that your pet might struggle with the Gold Coast heat at first, make sure they have plenty of water inside or outside.

5. Affordability

The Gold Coast is proof that fun doesn’t need a high price tag; accommodation in the region could be as low as $550 a month – while the public transport links are both convenient and affordable. Many people from all over Australia choose to visit because of how affordable it is, and the near-limitless sunshine is completely free. No matter your budget, make sure you settle down in a good location you can afford and make the most of.

This is just a small selection of what the Gold Coast can offer – there are also active sporting associations and a high standard of healthcare. At Bargara Removals, we help people move locally or interstate – including to the Gold Coast, giving you a chance to enjoy its many benefits and brilliant sights. For more on our services, and to get a quick free quote, you can always get in touch right away.