Need to relocate your belongings? Save yourself time by letting the team at Bargara Removals take care of the packing for you.

We’ll treat your possessions with the utmost care when arranging them securely. We have specialised cartons and packing boxes for books, pictures, mirrors, crystals, chinaware and clothing. Our packers have a wealth of experience and are available to pack as much or as little of your belongings as you want.

By choosing our services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings have been packed with care by a professional. Get in touch to book our services.

Packing & Unpacking


At Bargara Removals, we can also unpack your goods and place your furniture exactly where you want it to go. We won’t just unload your contents where we think it should go, we’ll listen to you and place everything in your specified location. Simply give us the instruction and we’ll sort everything out for you.

If you don’t want us to help put everything away, we can unpack the boxes from our truck into each room. This will save you time moving boxes around the place later. Don’t double handle your goods or furniture, let our team help with the unpacking.

Packing tips

Bargara Removals is dedicated to ensuring that customers remain calm in what can sometimes be a stressful situation. 

Below are some packing and unpacking tips to make your move a little easier.

Use the right boxes

Bargara Removals supplies a wide range of packing boxes to facilitate your move. This allows you to pack efficiently and ensure that all items are safely packed away.

For example, our team will use large boxes to pack light items – such as pillows and bed linen – whilst storing heavier items in small boxes. 

Our specialist supplies are top quality and can service any move.

Don’t leave empty spaces

If you leave empty spaces, items could potentially fall or move during the journey. This is because they’re packed loosely or unbalanced. 

When it comes to using our packing materials, we want to minimise space and guarantee that your valuables are safe for travel. 

We recommend filling in gaps with towels, clothing or other light items.


Label each box with the room location plus description of its contents

Many homeowners forget to label their boxes, which causes problems upon unpacking. 

By labelling your boxes according to the room they will go on, our team can carry your items to the right place and make your job a little easier. 

Listing the items also allows you to find any essentials quick and efficiently.

Unpacking tips

Open essential boxes first

It’s important that you label certain boxes as essential or at least know where to find your essential items. 

These may include toothbrushes, medications, paperwork, food preparation, and a change of clothes. 

Opening these boxes first allows you to keep you and your home running in the short term, and sets you off on the right foot for the tasks ahead. 

If you require your essential boxes in a certain room or place, just let our team know and we’ll get right to it.

Start in the kitchen

If you want to save money on your move, it’s important to take into consideration meal prep and kitchen items. 

The longer you leave your kitchen boxes unpacked, the more likely you are to spend money on takeaways. Line the kitchen cupboards and cabinets first and then start unpacking your kitchen boxes. 

Get all your major appliances plugged in and then smaller ones that you require – such as a coffee machine or microwave.

Dispose of packing materials as you go

As an unpacking service, Bargara Removals is dedicated to environmental sustainability. That’s why we aim to dispose of all packing materials appropriately. 

As we unpack your items, we can dispose of boxes or wrapping straight away and take any unnecessary mess off your hands. 

We can even unpack your furniture, assemble it, and then take the packing materials with us!

Bargara Removals are here to ensure that your removal jobs are made as simple and stress-free as possible.

You can follow our suggested packing and unpacking checklist above, or you can contact or call us on 07 4159 1910

today to engage our professional packing and unpacking services.