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7 Best Places To Live In Australia In 2022

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Moving or relocating? Australia is home to many fantastic towns and cities, so choosing where to live can be difficult. Look no further, here’s our list of the top seven places to live in 2022.


Melbourne’s a world-renowned cultural capital with an amazing range of selling points.

  • Atmosphere: Melbourne’s bursting with amazing cuisines, world-class cafes and restaurants – plus, it’s home to possibly the best coffee in the world.
  • Hipster central: The city’s bustling with hipster fashion and venues just waiting to be discovered.
  • Sporting capital: Melbourne’s the home base for Aussie Rules, Australia’s own brand of football. Forget the rules, just turn up at the final to experience a real crowd!


Don’t let its smaller size fool you, Adelaide’s guaranteed to impress.

  • Assets: Adelaide boasts great weather, affordable prices, amazing activities, a country vibe, and quality education.
  • Great food: There’s a great range of food trucks, restaurants and cafes, and the nearby Barossa Valley if you fancy a drop of wine.
  • Arts and culture: Adelaide hosts a fantastic music and theatre scene, as well as the annual Adelaide Fringe Festival. Passionate about the outdoors? There are many sports and recreation opportunities on offer.


In Hobart, you can combine city living with a laid-back vibe.

  • Natural beauty: Hobart’s home to ancient forests and lush beaches.
  • Arts and culture: The city hosts fantastic museums and restaurants.
  • Small-town feel: Hobart’s affordable property prices, safe atmosphere, quality education system, and shorter commute times are great selling points.

Blue Mountains

Experience country living in the best possible way in the Blue Mountains.

  • Arts and culture: Check out the interesting festivals, unique boutiques and charming cafes on offer.
  • Motor racing: Bathurst hosts the annual Bathurst 1000, which always attracts a crowd.
  • Affordable and spacious: There’s peace and quiet aplenty – and it’s only three hours from Sydney.
  • Family-friendly: The decent education opportunities are guaranteed to meet your needs.
Aerial View Of A Beach In Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

You can’t go wrong with the beauty and peace on offer along the Sunshine Coast.

  • Quieter atmosphere: There’s a mix of small towns and busier cities, which are not far from the bustling atmosphere of Brisbane.
  • Affordable: There’s an irresistible lower cost of living here.

Central Coast

The Central Coast is a great place to retire.

  • Great lifestyle: The Central Coast is home to fantastic beaches, parks and nature reserves. You could play bowls at the local RSL or explore the shops and cafes, while also being able to get to Sydney with ease.
  • Affordable: Properties and retirement communities are available at great prices.


Sydney is Australia’s largest city and economic capital, perfect for those who enjoy a fast pace of life.

  • Cultural attractions: It’s home to the iconic Sydney Harbour, stunning beaches and fantastic shops.
  • Great food: The outstanding choice of world-class restaurants in Sydney is unparalleled.
  • Sports: Sydney’s world-class stadiums and venues offer frequent events.
  • Transport: The efficient and affordable public transport system makes travel easier.

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