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What To Know When Disassembling Furniture

The experts here at Bargara Removals are your go-to when you need a removalist in Bundaberg. We don’t just move your stuff from one place to another but offer a disassemble and reassemble service too.

Whether you’re moving and need to take your furniture apart to fit it in the truck or you’re getting rid of an item and need to disassemble it for disposal, it makes sense to know what you’re doing. That way, you can properly get rid of the piece or know how to put it back together when you reach your new home. Here’s what to know when taking furniture apart.

Items to Disassemble

You probably won’t need to waste your time taking apart small items as they can easily be stowed on the truck and moved. However, larger items are easier to move when they’re disassembled and are less likely to be damaged that way. We can help you dismantle a variety of such items, including bookcases, desks, office furniture, baby cots, entertainment units, ensembles, beds, dining tables and flat-pack furniture. We can also help you assemble it when it gets to its new location.

Use the Instruction Manuals

We can help you take apart the furniture, but it’s more helpful and much easier to do if you have the directions. It’s always a good idea to keep these handy, usually taped to the underside or kept in a file of other household information. This allows us to see how the item was put together so we can disassemble it accordingly. It will also be handy when it’s time to assemble the item. If you don’t have the manual, you can check to see if they can be found online.

Use the Right Tools

When you rely on us to disassemble your furniture, we’ll arrive with all the tools necessary to do the job right. A complete set of screwdrivers and wrenches are the basics that are needed for taking apart furniture. We also carry Allen keys as these are needed for some types of furniture dismantling. Not having the right tools on hand can make it difficult to do the job properly and can even cause damage to your furniture.

Keep Everything Together

It’s very difficult and very frustrating to try to assemble your furniture if you don’t keep everything together when it’s disassembled. For that reason, be sure all the nuts, bolts and other pieces are kept with the item. You can place them in a bag and label which piece of furniture they go with and we can help you get this done easily.

If you need furniture disassembled, call us at Bargara Removals today for a quick quote.

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