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What is the population in bundaberg?

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When you’re relocating, it can be helpful to research the population and demographics of the town you’re planning to move to. You may need to know about schools or employment opportunities in the region, or simply get an idea of who your neighbours might be. The team at Bargara Removals has been living and working in the Bundaberg region for over 20 years, and we absolutely love it. Bundaberg offers a vibrant living experience, with healthcare, education and natural beauty right on our doorstep.

Bundaberg Population

The 2016 Australian Census reported that the Local Government Area (LGA) of Bundaberg had a population of 92,897 residents. A more recent estimate from the Bundaberg Regional Council shows that the Bundaberg Population is growing, with over 96,000 residents in 2020, a 0.54% increase from 2019.

Population growth in Bundaberg

The town of Bundaberg and its surrounding council area shows a consistent growth rate and is estimated to reach 99,000 by the next Australian Census later this year. A growing suburb will offer increased opportunities for schooling and employment as facilities and infrastructure are updated to meet citizens’ needs. Despite being a regional town, Bundaberg ranks #9 in the top 10 largest Queensland cities, and 24th in Australia overall. Data on rent prices shows that Bundaberg may offer more affordable housing with the majority of the rental properties falling in the “medium lowest” price range.

Demographics in Bundaberg

The Bundaberg Regional Council shows that one of the largest demographic groups in the region are parents and home builders (35 to 49 years of age), suggesting that many people are choosing to raise their families here. 11.4% of the households with children in Bundaberg are young families, with children under the age of 15 years. Families are often smaller, with the average household size being 2 or 3 people. The second-largest group are empty nesters and retirees (60 to 69 years of age), a testimony to the community centred lifestyle in the area, and the natural beauty of the surrounding region. Solo living is also popular, with single-person households making up 26.4% of the population.

Employment and education in Bundaberg

Bundaberg offers widespread employment opportunities, across a variety of industries. Healthcare workers are in high demand, while the local sugar cane industry sees a need for agricultural workers and general labourers. The construction, retail, and education industries are also popular. Education is similarly widespread, with the younger residents of Bundaberg having access to numerous schools, including tertiary facilities such as the TAFE Queensland campus in Bundaberg West and CQU in Branyan. Over 25% of Bundaberg residents were enrolled in an educational facility at the 2016 Census.

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