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How to pack for moving

It goes without saying the biggest part of moving house is the packing, and people often find themselves wondering “when did I get so much stuff?”

Of course, the easiest solution to moving house in Bundaberg is to hire an expert removalist. However, if DIY packing is more to your liking, the team at Bargara Removals have put together some of our top tips to make packing for your next moving day easy.

Start early

Begin organising as soon as you know you’ll be moving. Donate, sell, or throw away items you no longer need. Reducing the amount to pack can make moving day easier and cut transport costs.

Pack items you use infrequently first. Christmas decorations won’t be needed if you’re moving house in April. Likewise, if there are no upcoming birthdays or special events, specialised cookware can be packed ahead of time too.

Purchase your materials in advance. There’s nothing more frustrating than a late-night packing session being interrupted because you’ve run out of tape. Bargara Removals can supply all your moving needs.

Pack safely

Don’t skimp on protective material when packing fragile items, and consider wrapping table legs and drawer handles to prevent scratches during transport. Tea towels, blankets, and jackets can all be used as well, and reduce the need for separate packing.

Avoid personal injury by keeping your loads as light as possible. Safe Work Australia recommends loads over 16kg should be lifted by two people. Hire or purchase a hand trolley for furniture and white goods removal.

Heavy items should be placed at the bottom of a box, with lighter ones on top.

Use newer boxes where possible. Reusing boxes is ideal for the environment, but a worn box may not be up to the task. The last thing anyone wants is the base of a box giving way when it’s full of plates or other breakables.

Get organised

Label everything. Note the room of the house the box is intended for and add a brief description of the contents. Labelling the box on the side as well as the top will make identifying easier if it has been stacked in a truck or cupboard. Clearly mark anything that is heavy or fragile.

Pack logically and try to keep items from the same room together. This will make unpacking easier instead of finding bathroom items, photographs, and gardening tools in the same box.

Use suitcases and other bags already in your possession to pack items like clothes or soft toys.

Create an essential items box, to be the first thing in the new house. Include items like phone chargers, a kettle and coffee supplies, a first aid kit, a roll of toilet paper, and some basic cleaning materials. Overnight bags, with a set of pyjamas, a toothbrush and a favourite book or toy make the first night easier as well.

Packing to move house in Bundaberg made easy

Bargara Removals offers start to finish moving services locally, interstate and nationwide. Our expert packers can supply all of the materials and know-how to make moving house simple and stress-free.

Contact our friendly staff, or submit an online quote enquiry and find out how we can take the hard work out of packing for you.