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How Much Does It Cost To Move Furniture To A Different State?

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Whether you’re organising a full house move or simply need to relocate some furniture, moving state can be stressful. The moving process can be costly, with a lot to consider and prepare ahead of the big day. You may be wondering how much it will cost to move your furniture and belongings to a different state, and what options you have for the move.

What options do I have for interstate furniture removals?

When it comes to moving furniture between states, ensuring your move is as efficient and cost-effective as possible is likely your priority. For long-distance removals, you have a few options to choose from – each with its own benefits and drawbacks:

1. Self-removals

Hiring a van and taking care of your move by yourself is one option for long-distance removals. You may be considering this DIY method if you only have a few smaller items that require moving, therefore don’t require a large vehicle or multiple movers.

This may seem to be a cheaper option, with van hire averaging $100-$200, however, the cost of petrol for long-distance travel can drive the price up significantly. Furthermore, whilst friends and family may be on hand to assist with the moving process, you run the risk of damage to your belongings by inexperienced hands. The process can also be far more stressful for you, as opposed to professional movers taking the responsibility off your shoulders.

2. Backload your items

A cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for interstate removals is backloading. This involves sharing van space with other movers and is ideal for those transporting only a few pieces of furniture.

When it comes to backloading, you will only pay for the space you use in the van. For example, if you only require 25% of the space for your belongings, you will only pay for 25% of the overall cost. As a result, backloading is a cost-effective option for interstate removals. For larger items of furniture or full house removals, you may require more van space and therefore should consider hiring an interstate removal service.

3. Enlist the help of professional interstate movers

Move your possessions from A to B with the help of an experienced removals company. For one bulk fee, professional movers will load, transport and unload your belongings with care and efficiency. There is even the option for them to assist with dismantling and reassembling bulky pieces of furniture.

The cost of hiring a professional interstate removals company will depend on the amount of furniture that requires relocating and the distance that it will travel. Ultimately, you are paying not just for the moving service, but also for the stress of the process to be lifted from your shoulders.

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